Tongogara Ntlokoa (BattleKat) founded Beats Against the Beast [BAB] in 2006 as a movement (initially) with a directive to encourage progressive thinking using Hip Hop as the medium of communication.

The first offering from BAB is the highly commended album titled; Beats Against the Beast Vol.1: The Re-genesis 2006, which was musically directed, coordinated and produced by BattleKat.

The album has guest features from among the critically acclaimed artist of South African Hip Hop in the early 2000s;

Optical Illusion, Zubz, Tumi, Golden Shovel, Proverb, Mawe-2, Xrate, Mr.Beef, Reason, Instro, Wizardry, Nthabi, Mr.C, Prokid, Maggz, Explicit and Parable


The album was released in December of 2006 on CD and was exclusively free to people who followed a specific procedure to attain a copy.

The aim of the exercise was to cultivate a centralized communication stream for people who are already inclined with the music that BattleKat had produced during the period he worked as a music producer, audio engineer and recording artist for Outrageous Records (Circa 2000 – 2009).

Full Biography of the the Founder in PDF (396 kb)