Beats Against the Beast Act II: A Future Past in the Present is the forthcoming Hip-Hop Album by recording artist and record producer Tongogara commonly known as BattleKat. 

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The forthcoming opus is to be the official follow up to Beats Against the Beast Vol.1: The Re-genesis 2006 which had guest features from some of the critically acclaimed artists of Southern African Hip Hop circa 2003 – 2006: Optical Illusion, Zubz, Tumi, Proverb, Mawe-2, Golden Shovel, X-Rate, Mr.Beef, Reason, Instro, Wizardry, Ms.Nthabi, Mr.C, Pro[kid], Maggz, Explicit and Parable.

Unlike the previous offering which was mostly based on song production by BattleKat with performances predominantly delivered by the guest artists; Beats Against the Beast Act. II: A Future Past in the Present exhibits much “Greater Vocal Presence” from a mature Tongogara unfolding a Theological and Socio-Politically charged narrative deeply rooted on the Colonial History of Africa with South Africa setting the premise for the plot. 

As much as the Album is a follow up to Beats Against the Beast Vol.1 of 2006, Beats Against the Beast Act. II: A Future Past in the Present is considered by Tongogara:Battlekat as his “Official Debut” to be a mainstream release from his Beats Against the Beast/BAB music label.

The Album will be coupled with a manuscript which further expounds on Theological Concepts and the Political Ideologies which drive the Album’s content. Pre-order and Release Dates of the Album/Book are still to be announced. It is greatly essential to fill in THE REGISTRATION FORM ABOVE. 


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